Body shaming: How to rise above it

“Your stomach is so big”… “you’re so skinny”.. “you have a weird smile, can you not smile often”?… “please keep quiet, your teeth are bigger than your mouth”. “Gosh, you’re so fat, can you not sit close to me please”?.. You probably must have heard all these and more and I’m guessing it hurt your feelings. Read on to learn how I was able to deal with it and how you too can deal with it

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25 Random Facts about me 

I’m quite excited about this new beginning and everything it entails .Losing my old domain name + site( and having no files whatsoever because I didn’t back it up in time) was a huge blow to my career . Thankfully,old things have passed away!..HALLELUYAH!..I figured sharing some facts about me will make an awesome first post hence this .I do hope you enjoy reading them same way I enjoyed writing them .

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