How to survive long layovers

There are few things I hate in life and one of them is boredom, especially the boredom that comes with waiting for either the flight or bus to take off . Long before I curated this list, I used to dread layovers because it always seemed like a long time of waiting with nothing to do.

Just in case you’re wondering what layovers are. Layovers according to Wikipedia are those long periods of rest or waiting before a final stage in a journey. This could include a stop as short as 10minutes or as long as 20-21 hours. Often times, passengers are made to wait in the terminal for their next flight.

Now imagine waiting alone with nothing to do in the terminal for as long as 20-21hours ..yikes!!!.. I got the shivers just thinking about it. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of things to do while in a layover. In case you’re always on the look out for interesting things to do, look no further because listed below are all the information you’d be needing .

Want to survive long layovers? Check out this cool list.

List of things to do
  • Carry on all you’d need for the lay over.

This could be a lot of things ranging from a book to read , ear phones to listen to music , and even games to play like scrabble , puzzles and chess .

  • Research / work

This can be a perfect opportunity for you to complete those thesis or make those researchs you’ve not had time to make . Whatever it is, you can always carry your work materials along so you can complete them .

You can equally research on the airport/country you’re in or the travel agency to use or cheap flights to New York in case New York is your destination.

  • Rest

Our body needs to stay refreshed and alert to function at its best. Capitalise on the opportunity. Find a comfortable place and take a little nap, no one will question you for sleeping .

  • Network and meet new people

This is always fun to do. Strike up a conversation, who knows, you might meet amazing people.

  • Take a walk

Find tourist attraction centers close to where you are . This travel agency has a lot of those on their site especially if your destination is New York , check it out and go feed your eyes , take good pictures if need be .Basically take a minute to soak it all in .. Have fun !!(Don’t forget to be time conscious. You can always set an alarm or a reminder).

Finally Note that before you sleep or go sight seeing, it’s important to inform one or two persons on your plans so they’d be on the look out for you to avoid missing your flight.

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