The Brand toF: A Fashion Brand Extraordinaire

 In a world where creativity is hushed and conformity  celebrated, the brand toF have proven beyond every reasonable doubt that  being different is the new cool .

ThebrandtoF is a clothing brand owned by Timilehin Olawale,Fagbemi . A fine young man who has created a niche in the fashion world and stayed on it .

Early this year, a new collection was released .tagged ”on the edge (O.T.E) ..The ss18collection” ​complete with a press release .

As expected ,the brand outdid itself , proving that it can only get better .

An excerpt from the press release : 

On the edge(O.T.E) mirrors individuality . It is more than just a collection going beyond a unique and carefully thought out combination of colors and patterns . It’s about personality , about celebrating the real you and what makes you different .

While the world seem to suggest that people hide themselves , while societal norms remain committed to locking out genuine artistic self expression ,O.T.E has been designed for those who dare to break the norm ; those who know exactly what they want and what it takes to achieve the desired results .

O.T.E represents confidence .. It’s neither for the faint hearted nor the mediocre . It’s for those who strive to do more , to be more .. For the wealthiest of hearts and the most courageous of souls .”

This excerpt goes ahead to prove that only the bold rule the world .

Here are some of the photos from the new collection ​

The team behind the success of this project includes 
Outfit: ThebrandtoF

Photography and direction : OTL studios

Head of project : Timilehin Olawale, Fagbemi

Preoject team members : Adeyefa Folajimi and Sanusi Joseph

Models : Victoryajibola and Micheal

More photos  can be found on thebrandtoF’s official instagram page.

Are you bold?..

Are you confident in your individuality ?.

Then the brand toF is there to make sure you look that part.

 It is worthy to note that This brand caters for both the young and the old and is ready to transform your closet both traditionally and English wise.

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